Running Cost & Energy Efficiency

The consumption is low Aproximately 20W/sqm /hour ,average for the whole heating season. However, the exact calculation is hard to predict because of many factors which affect it, such as the position and properties of the building itself, thermal insulation, exposure to wind, type of windows. etc.

Low consumption. How do we do it?

We cut the heat loss wherever we can. The advantage of ECOMAXX underfloor heating system is the possibility of customization. ECOMAXX is not an off the shelf product with preset power regime which can not be changed. We calculate optimal power load according to physical properties of given building and according to the client’s needs and wishes.

ECOMAXX aluminium alloy heating tape is 10 cm wide, and we can also make the gap between two lines wider or narrower. We can also give it more or less power. Large surface of the heating element results in less energy needed to heat it up and less energy needed to fill the temperature gap between the two neighboring tapes, so the whole floor can be equally covered. Another advantage is the possibility to avoid permanent furniture and appliances at our free will. It results in transferring the same power from covered area to furniture free area. Last, but not least, we increase the temperature emission exactly where needed, making a small heat barrier. For example, more temperature near windows and doors.

Usual maximal installed power of ECOMAXX system in Malta is 75 to 80 W/sqm (bathrooms 100W/sqm) So if the system works 24h it will consume 80W/sqm per hour. But it doesn’t work that long, only 20% of the time. Initially, it takes maybe one day to heat the room up in the beginning, but later on it keeps automatically topping up the ambient temperature set by the user. Like a geezer. So, 20% of 80W equals 16W/sqm/hour. For example , if you heat 100 sqm it will be 1,6 unit a day. Electricity price you can see here

However, exact consumtion is hard to predict beacuse it strongly depends on multiple factors, such as properties of a building itself, and most importantly the THERMAL INSULATION.

Thermal Insulation

From the point of view of ECOMAXX underfloor heating system, it can function even without any thermal insulation. However, at least some thermal insulation is needed under the heating element to prevent heat from spreading downwards. Lack of proper thermal insulation results in forcing the system to work longer than necessary with high heat loss and higher running cost.

The Main Advantages Of Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation has been adopted and has become essential in the building process to prevent heat transfer between outside and inside of the building.

Put simply; thermal insulation prevents the entrance of outside heat from exterior building walls and ceiling, and the escape of hot or cool air from the interior rooms to outside. Below we list the main benefits of properly conducted thermal insulation in ceiling and walls.

Thermal-insulated rooms and buildings stay warm in winter and cool in summer, providing comfort in all seasons.

Insulation guarantees no absorption of heat and subsequent dissipation.

Well-insulated rooms do not need the installation of additional air climate control, cooling or heating, saving the owner extra costs and energy.

Consequently, a building with thermal insulation will require less power and energy to maintain throughout its existence.

Due to thermal insulation, transfer of heat between inside and outside of the room is severely restricted, which results in less energy required for maintaining the desired temperature.

Energy Efficiency

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency is reduction of energy consumption and elimination of energy wastage.

How important is it to look after energy consumption?
The more energy ecient we are, the more:
we save money
we improve the environment
we improve the quality of life

About the Energy Performance Certificate

About the 2017 National Energy Efficiency Action Plan