Five Royal Heads of Obrenovic, represent a clear movement, a step forward in the continuous development of the Serbian state and of the political entity in general. The difference between the Royal House of Obrenovic and the old Serbian Dynasties – except the Nemanjic dynasty, is not only the development into a political entity, but as well the development to self-determination and the cultural development on European and global stage.

In short, the Royal House of Obrenovic is a dynasty, standing for the development of the civilization.

On the basis of reliable evidence, the royal bloodline of Obrenovic is established with very living descendants. These family ties are certified by Court Decision R1 344 / 04, contrary to the explanations of the official history, who taught us that descendant of the Royal Family Obrenovic did not longer exists since 1903!


  • God of justice, what You save,
    from disaster to us now,
    Hear and now our voices,
    And from now on be our salvation!

  • A mighty hand, guide defend,
    Serbian future ship!
    God save, God feeds,
    Serbian Prince, serbian people!

  • Let rulers protects young
    Your strong right hand,
    He is hopes the Serbian people
    Serbian people pupil!

  • That with the grace of thy adorned
    To ripen fruit of freedom,
    God save the Prince of Milan,
    Pray you are Serbian people!