Since 2004. ECOMAXX has been present on European market. Thousands of square meters of underfloor heating and hundreds of happy customers in Eastern Europe, The Balkans, Central Europe, harsh climate of Russia and Ukraine, even a few in South America.

Our one of a kind system is present at the Maltese market since 2016. During that time period we have introduced it in various bathrooms, flats, villas and houses in Malta.

Our presence at Malta Trade Fair

Our simple and durable system has proved itself in harsh climate conditions.

Our experience teaches us that it is ideal for the Maltese moderate winters and high humidity.

Optimizing the maximal needed power, we optimize the system’s efficiency.

Aluminium alloy, being durable and corrosion resistant gives us the advantage over copper and carbon.

Width of our heating tape gives us advantage over narrow cables and pipes.

Our own engineering gives us advantage over the off the shelf products with preset unchangeable heat distribution.