Queen's songs have fascinated fans for over four decades.

Queen's songs have fascinated fans for over four decades. Queen has written some of the most famous songs in existence, and their greatest hits are perilous earworms that can make even the largest stadium audience sing and clap hands like there's no tomorrow. But how many people know exactly what it took to create these massive tunes? After all, it's not like the band just woke up every morning with yet another finished smash hit added to their catalog. 

As everyone who has seen Bohemian Rhapsody can attest, the band fine-tuned their tracks until they became the songs we know today … but in the beginning, each and every one of their pieces started with an idea. It could be just a passing fancy, or a band member making a strange observation, or even a long, life-changing period that they felt compelled to express through music. Regardless of the song's eventual popularity, they often started out very small and personal. Let's take a look at some of the stories behind Queen's most popular songs.