How much do you really know about your brain?

The brain — the central "control unit" of our bodies, repository of memories and emotions. Throughout history, philosophers have believed that the brain may even house that intangible essence that makes us human: the soul. What should we know about our brains?

Her verses express a sense of awe, considering the brain's marvellous capacities of thought and creativity.

Musing on how this fascinating organ is able to encompass so much information about the self and the world, she wrote:

"The Brain — is wider than the Sky — 
For — put them side by side —
The one the other will contain
With ease — and You — beside"

The main organ of the human nervous system, the brain manages most of our bodies' activities and processes information received from both outside and inside the body and is the very seat of our emotions and cognitive abilities, including thought, long- and short-term memory, and decision-making.