But work discouragement often doesn’t come from the jobs we do.

Day in and day out, it’s hard to come in with the same enthusiasm you began your job with. With each passing day, it’s easy to lose sight of why you began with your career path and what excited you about it in the first place. Before we know it, we begin counting down the hours, the days, the weeks, and the months.

But work discouragement often doesn’t come from the jobs we do, but how we approach them. According to Forbes, you need to approach work with positivity, efficiency, and drive to achieve success.

1.Set goals

There are times when people get into ruts, they don’t feel motivated, and tasks seem repetitive. But setting goals for yourself and trying to improve how well you do the work is important for achieving what you want out of your career. Set goals on how to grow in your job, be it a promotion, bonus, raise, or generally increasing the efficiency of your workload. By setting goals, each day you will be working toward something that keeps you moving forward.